2017 Digital Principal of the Year winners announced

  Congratulations to the
2017 NASSP Digital Principals of the Year


David Geurin


Bolivar High School
Bolivar, MO

As a principal of 12 years, Geurin works to implement, promote, and monitor a shared technology-infused vision. He is a passionate advocate for student learning, working closely with his Digital Learning committee to help guide the vision for Bolivar High School (BHS). Last year, BHS partnered with other schools to initiate a campaign, #StartsWithUs, to use social media as a way to promote tolerance and acceptance. The school also launched a 1:1 program where he and his staff were able to see students learning in new, powerful ways. He shares ideas about digital empowerment and learning on his blog, www.davidgeurin.com.

Darren Ellwein


Harrisburg South Middle School
Harrisburg, SD

Ellwein has been a principal for eight years, but has always had a passion for technology. He believes technology has transformational potential for growth in learning, for teachers and students. He has made sure every staff member at Harrisburg South Middle School (HSMS) has a Twitter account which has allowed them to communicate with parents through the social media network. In addition to social media, Google Docs and Google Hangouts have played a major role throughout his school. Ellwein has also created technology-based clubs such as the Drone Club, and has even created Twitter Tuesdays and a Genius Hour every Wednesday which has led to the school’s Makerspace being used for prototyping inventions such as an automated dog feeder.

Nicholas Indeglio


Downingtown Middle School
Downingtown, PA

Downingtown Middle School (DMS) strives to create a digital synergy between students, teachers, parents, and the community thanks to Nicholas Indeglio. He believes the key to communicating a technology infused vision is establishing defined methods of communication through common technology platforms. Thanks to the school’s 1:1 middle level initiative, every student at DMS is able to have an iPad. Students have access to the school’s learning management system through this device. At any time, parents can see what their child is doing in class, eliminating “blind spots.” Media/Movie Clubs, Minecraft Club, Twitter Chats, Facebook Live videos, and more are just a few ways Indeglio has implemented technology into his school.