Webinar #1: School Safety

Challenges That Test Your School Safety Plan

October 6 |3:30–4:30 p.m.

Presenters: Jana Frieler, NASSP Professional Development Faculty; Dr. Bill Ziegler, principal of Pottsgrove High School; Dr. Kevin Lein, principal of Harrisburg High School

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School administrators know that great things happen every day in schools, but are aware that unplanned events occur and that having an effective safety plan is paramount when responding to such events. During the webinar the presenters will discuss events that happened in their schools, how they responded, and their reflections afterward. Tune in to learn what great administrators do when faced with safety challenges and how you can better prepare your staff, students and community.

Jana Frieler is a retired high school administrator and a past NASSP president. She currently is the owner of JLF Consulting and a NASSP Professional Development Faculty.

Dr. Bill Ziegler is the principal of Pottsgrove High School in Pennsylvania and a 2015 NASSP Digital Principal of the Year.

Dr. Kevin Lein is the principal of Harrisburg High School in South Dakota. Prior to this position, Lein worked as an athletic director and coached basketball at the high school and college level.