District Leaders

Help Advance Your Principals

National Principals Month recognizes the impact that school leadership has beyond the high performance of students and teachers. We encourage district leaders to applaud and encourage school leaders, recognizing the lasting direct and indirect positive effects principals have on their communities. Here are a few ways for you to get involved.

Shadowing Visits

Shadowing visits provide a wonderful opportunity for policymakers, members of Congress, and congressional staffers to experience firsthand the role and responsibilities of exemplary principals. It also provides an occasion to highlight the excellence in leadership that principals provide to schools, educators, and students nationwide. Use our template email to invite your legislators to shadow one of your principals for a day.


Send your principals a free e-card in honor of this month’s celebration. All you have to do it add your message and schedule the date and time for the card to be emailed—we’ll take care of the rest.

Social Media Toolkit

Use our sample social media posts to spread the word about National Principals Month and celebrate your principals and their schools.

Media Relations

Contact your local press about National Principals Month by sending out a press release or submitting an article to your local newspaper. You can also contact the public service directors of local radio stations and ask them to air a public service announcement (PSA) announcing National Principals Month.


Learn how you can get involved in National Principals Month by supporting and advancing the principals in your jurisdiction.