Fostering Student Success through Administrator Data Literacy

Administrators are in charge of building a culture that supports and serves all students. And while leaders have data on the challenges and successes of their schools and districts, they don’t always have the time, training, and tools to act on this information. The Data Quality Campaign (DQC) recently released a report that highlights why states must support leaders in becoming data-literate and what steps they can take. This webinar taught what it really means to be data-literate in practice by hearing from a former school leader and instructional coach who now works at New Leaders, where they help build the data literacy skills of leaders from the classroom to the school and system levels. Registrants also learned what leading states are doing to support administrator data literacy and what your state can do to support you.


    • Jennifer Briones, associate, Policy & Advocacy, DQC
    • Edward Morris, Jr., executive director, Instructional Design, New Leaders
    • Krista Lewis-Johnson, director, Design and Development, New Leaders