The Principal’s Guide to Strategic Storytelling

Strong communication leads to strong community, and must always be a primary focus for school leaders. Studies have shown that communicating through stories improves attention, engagement, comprehension, empathy, acceptance, retention, persuasion, and motivation. That’s why the world’s most successful companies and organizations consistently and deliberately use strategic narratives as a key leadership tool. This webinar highlighted findings from the world of neuroscience to demonstrate exactly how and why our brains are programmed for narratives, delved into the types of strategic narratives that will be most useful and effective within your school, and offered how-to guidance in crafting and utilizing these narratives within your school communications.

Presenter: Craig DiFolco is the communications director for The Council of School Supervisors and Administrators in New York City. Previously, he served as a communications consultant in education as well as technology, bringing his unique approach to storytelling and presentations to global leaders such as the World Bank, IBM, Techstars, and Startup Weekend. He received his MFA in production from Columbia University and his BA from Williams College.