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Sample Press Release

You may tailor this press release as necessary before distributing it to your local media contacts. Fill in the highlighted sections with the appropriate information. If you email the release, please check the hyperlinks. NAESP and NASSP can answer questions about sending out a press release and assist you in developing a media contact list. You can also download this page as an editable document.

[School logo]

For Immediate Release
Contact: [Your name/phone/email]

Principal [Your Full Name] "[Title/Topic]"

[City, State—Date][Your full name], principal of [your school] in [your city], recently joined elementary, middle and high school educators and leaders to announce/discuss...

[Your last name] took the critical needs of [your state/district/school] and...

[Description of goals, objectives and activity.]

[Your quote; for example, "Our nation's pre-K-8 schools provide the skills and content knowledge students need to succeed in life," said [[your last name.]] "Principals call on the local community to highlight the success of our students and public schools."]

[Content about specific activity or goal.]

[Your last name] also stated...

Please visit [school's website] for more information about this important issue.


[Your district/school's boilerplate information]

Sample Media Advisory

A media advisory is a shorter version of a press release that provides basic facts about events occuring within the next 24 hours. You can download an editable version of the sample media advisory shown below.

[Your school or district letterhead]

For Immediate Release
Contact: [Your name, your phone number]

[Your first and last name] Joins Principals to...

[Your state, your city][Date][Your first and last name], principal of [Your school], recently joined elementary and middle-level principals from across the nation to help... [Your last name] partnered with colleagues to...

[Describe purpose of event or activity.]

[Optional: Insert your quote here, describing why this was an important project.]

[Insert one to two paragraphs describing your school, community or issue.]

Visit [website] or contact [email] for additional information.


[Your district/school's boilerplate information]

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