School and District Leaders

Honoring Your Leadership

“The thing I love most about being a principal is the thought that I can shape how a student’s day goes. If they are having a rough day, I can make it better. By helping students shape how each day goes, I can play a small part in students’ life successes. I can encourage all my students. I can be a positive influence in my students’ lives.” —Carl Hill, Principal, Barling Elementary School, Arkansas

You work tirelessly day in and day out to ensure the success and well-being of each student and adult in your learning community, and National Principals Month devotes the entire month of October to thank you for all you do.

This year, AFSA, NAESP, and NASSP are going a huge step further—we are advocating for real change to support you in the principalship. We are calling on teachers, community members, policymakers, and even fellow principals to:

  • Join the charge to increase your decision-making authority, expand your professional development opportunities.
  • Improve your working conditions
  • Strengthen principal pipelines
  • Combat growing shortages
  • Refine accountability policies for better outcomes, and increase your pay. We want to help keep you in your position so you can have the biggest possible impact on your students.

Here are a few additional ways for you to get involved:

Shadowing Visits

Shadowing visits provide a wonderful opportunity for policymakers, members of Congress, and congressional staffers to experience firsthand the role and responsibilities of exemplary principals. It also provides an occasion to highlight the excellence in leadership that principals provide to schools, educators, and students nationwide. Use our template email to invite your legislators to shadow you for a day.


Send a free e-card to a fellow principal in honor of this month’s celebration. All you have to do is add your message and schedule the date and time for the card to be emailed—we’ll take care of the rest.