Uplift Your School Leadership

Your principal works hard to ensure that your school is running smoothly. National Principals Month celebrates principals who facilitate student and staff learning and establish the best environments for their success. 

Video Contest

During National Principals Month, create a fun one-minute video with your students telling us why you love your principal and what he or she means to you, your school, and your community. The winner will be announced at the end of October. Learn more about the contest here.


Send your principal an e-card thanking them for all they do. Just choose an e-card, add your message, and schedule the date and time for the card to be delivered to your principal—we’ll take care of the rest.

Social Media Toolkit

Use our sample social media posts to spread the word and celebrate your principal this October.

Plan a Celebration

Here are more ways for teachers to celebrate National Principals Month:

  • Write a thank-you note for all your principal does, with specific examples of how he/she has helped you. Better yet, have your class, your child’s class, or the entire school write thank you letters to your principal by distributing blank greeting cards with directions. The PTA could also initiate this activity.
  • Set up a banner somewhere clearly visible in the school where students, parents, and teachers can write notes of appreciation to the principal.
  • Contact a local business to donate thank-you or blank cards, then set up a table at lunch where students can write thank you cards to be left in the principal’s mailbox.
  • Provide a weekly treat for your principal during the entire month. For example, week one can be a breakfast, week two can be cupcakes, etc.
  • Create a photo or video scrapbook for the principal with notes from the school or community about why he or she is so valued.
  • Donate something on campus in honor of your principal, i.e., plant a tree or a garden, donate a bench, etc.
  • Write letters to the superintendent showing support of your principal. Use specific examples of things he or she has done to make the school successful.
  • Create a slide show or video presentation that captures your principal doing great things. Students, parents, and teachers can perform songs, skits, and speeches to thank their principal for the hard work he or she does every day.
  • Shadow your principal for a day and then write a report to publish in the local school and community paper about what you learned and how difficult a job it is.
  • Read testimonials from students, parents, and teachers each week over the intercom.
  • Have the art, music, and theater classes do a group project to honor your principal.
  • Contact local businesses to arrange for discounts for principals during National Principals Month.
  • Get your local paper to secure a column each week to spotlight a local principal with a profile and photograph.
  • Purchase an ad in the local paper, radio, or television station in appreciation for your principal.
  • Ask local restaurant(s) to donate a gift certificate to your principal in honor of National Principals Month.
  • Hold a fundraiser and donate the proceeds to a charity in your principal’s name.
  • Organize an “Opposite Day” whereby students dress like the principal and the principal dresses like the students—have students vote for the “best of the best” by donating canned food to a local food bank.