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“I love being a principal because every day I get to make a difference in the lives of children. I am able to interact with parents and let them know their child’s education and wellbeing is top priority. I am also able to mentor and coach teachers to be the best they can be and ensure support staff how important there role is to our school.” —Kimberly Corbidge, Principal, Shields Elementary School, Delaware

National Principals Month is taking place once again this October to raise awareness about the significant challenges facing the principalship across the country. We encourage you to advocate for principals through media outlets, strategic partnerships, and NPM sponsorships.

Did You Know?

  • According to the Wallace Foundation, leadership is second only to instruction in school-based factors that affect student achievement.
  • In a decade of intensive research, the Wallace Foundation identified no documented case of school turnaround absent an effective leader.
  • Support for ongoing principal professional development is essential. Unfortunately, only 4 percent of professional development dollars reach principals, meaning the average high school principal is not in place long enough to see their freshman class graduate.


To learn more about how to join our National Principals Month initiative, please contact:

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