Action Alert

National Principals Month (NPM) is a time for advocacy and action from school leaders and those who support them. Using NPM as a catalyst, we can capture the attention of local, state, and federal elected officials and enlighten them about the growing challenges that principals and public schools are facing today.

Members of Congress are currently crafting and debating a sweeping, multitrillion dollar budget resolution bill that could include a number of school leader priorities and critical new funding for K-12 schools. Included in the House’s current version of the bill are $1.1 billion in funding to support the educator workforce and address shortages, including $198 million specifically for School Leader Recruitment and Support, and $82 billion for K-12 facility construction. Still, inclusion of these notable victories for schools is far from certain as lawmakers potentially seek to trim the overall price tag on the final legislation.

Effect positive change and advocate for principals across America by asking Congress to support these education investments in the budget resolution bill! With just a few clicks, you can send your message to lawmakers and make a difference in the principalship.