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To show your support and #ThankAPrincipal, please feel free to use our prompts and social graphics below all month long!

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Principal [LASTNAME] inspires me to _________. Happy National Principals Month! #ThankAPrincipal

Principal [LASTNAME] came through for us when SCHOOL needed him/her/them most. Thank you for your dedication! #ThankAPrincipal

Together with @NASSP @NAESP & @AFSAUnion we’re honoring our principal all month long for National Principals Month! #ThankAPrincipal

Celebrate National Principals Month with me this October! For more details check out #ThankAPrincipal

We are honoring National Principals Month for all of October with @NASSP @NAESP and @AFSAUnion! As we celebrate, we want to advocate for principals and fight for the resources they need to succeed. #ThankAPrincipal

Principals, thank you for being a guiding light during these trying times. We are celebrating you all month long! #ThankAPrincipal

October is National Principals Month! Help us celebrate amazing principals for their hard work, especially during these challenging times. #ThankAPrincipal

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October is National Principals Month! I’ll be celebrating Principal [LASTNAME] all month long. #ThankAPrincipal

_________, _________, and _________. These are three reasons why I’m thankful for Principal [LASTNAME] during National Principals Month. #ThankAPrincipal

Celebrate National Principals Month with me this October! Check out for activity ideas. #ThankAPrincipal

During National Principals Month, I would like to show my appreciation for Principal [LASTNAME]. Thank you for being such a strong leader during these unprecedented times. #ThankAPrincipal

When COVID-19 unleashed new challenges, our principals came through when it mattered most. That is why we are celebrating National Principals Month with @NASSP, @NAESP, and @AFSAUnion. Join us in celebration! #ThankAPrincipal

National Principals Month honors principals for their significant impact on the success and well-being of our nation’s students. Join @NASSP, @NAESP, and @AFSAUnion as we celebrate all principals throughout October! #ThankAPrincipal

Our principals are there when we need them, and now they need us. Use your voice to honor, thank, and advocate for all principals during National Principals Month! #ThankAPrincipal

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